Last 10 Homes Sold in Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC

This is the Last 10 Homes Sold report for Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC.

St # St Name Sls Pr Sold Dte DOM
5643 Morris Hunt 425,880 1/17/2012 149
871 Harvest Pointe 584,464 1/6/2012 4
447 Third Baxter 272,000 12/30/2011 245
401 Third Baxter 420,000 12/30/2011 218
747 Harvest Pointe 610,000 12/28/2011 180
4856 Milford 409,000 12/21/2011 69
5577 Morris Hunt 444,734 12/16/2011 1
5631 Morris Hunt 355,010 12/15/2011 168
1020 Gardenia 323,500 12/15/2011 60
918 Stratford Run 355,000 12/15/2011 79

DOM refers to “days on market”

The “Last 10 Sold” is NOT a competitive market analysis.  It merely refers to the last 10 homes sold in a certain neighborhood / area by most recent date of sale.  If you wish to have a competitive market analysis to get a closer actual value of your home, contact us, and we can put you in touch with a great Realtor® who serves your area. 

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Sold home sales data is a matter of public record, however, we respect your desire for privacy.  If your home is on this list and you wish for it not to be, please contact us and we’ll take it off. 


What is the Last 10 Sold All About?

So, what is the Last 10 Sold Anyway?

It’s all about the numbers”  

An important aspect of home ownership is appreciation.  Everyone wants to know how much their house is worth.  Anytime a new home goes up for sale, all the neighbors raid the brochure box for any hint of information that home values are going up.

At Last 10 Sold, we take the guesswork out of the “box raid”.  As a matter of fact, we will share with you the Last 10 Sold houses in your neighborhood based on recent MLS information.

But this site is much more than that.  Buying and Selling Real Estate is not rocket science.  But it is an “attentive science”.  You need an agent that can juggle the many multiple tasks involved in a real estate transaction, without dropping any of the balls.  Did you know that in a typical real estate transaction, more than 35 people handle over 100 documents?  Someone (your agent) needs to manage that process.

A good agent has all of the following characteristics:

  • Local Market Knowledge
  • Technical Ability to use all the online tools necessary in today’s marketplace
  • The ability to provide you a solid Competitive Market Analysis
  • Ability to negotiate on your behalf
  • Ability to connect you with many industry professionals to help along the way
  • Ability to coordinate and manage all the aspects of inspections, surveys, etc.
  • Ability to minimize your stress and give you the confidence that things are fine

A great agent does all of the above well, every time.

That’s where we come in.  We realize the importance of getting it done right the first time.  If you’re selling and you want to get more money in less time, please give us a call.  Please don’t forget to see our page on Selling Your Home with one of our Realtor Partners.

If you are a buyer and you need someone with the patience to work with you (at your pace) to find you just the right house, please give us a call. Please don’t forget to see our page on Buying your Home with one of our Realtor Partners.

Last 10 Sold only works with the best of the best.  We can connect you with one of the best REALTORs® licensed in both North and South Carolina with the ability to help you get through all the aspects of the real estate transaction with less stress, and perhaps even a little fun.

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