Sell Your Home With One of our Realtor Partners

Why Sell Your Home With One of our Partner Realtors?

Last 10 Sold has been active in the Charlotte Real Estate market since 2005.  We have years of experience with the best of the best that Charlotte Realtor’s have to offer.  We know who is professional, courteous, and most important of all – CAN GET THE JOB DONE!

So – if you don’t want to waste weeks (even months) of time with the WRONG agent, contact us first – and we’ll put you in contact with a Realtor that has a proven track record, knows the Charlotte Market, and will get your home SOLD!

If you would like to be put in contact with one of our partner agents, please send an email to

How can we be so sure?

Professionalism, experience,  and knowledge will get the job done once potential buyers discover your listing.  But getting buyers to preview your home in the first place (aka Marketing Your Home) is where many agents miss the mark completely.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 91% of all buyers use the Internet as part of their search for a new home.  With a statistic like this, you can’t afford to pick an agent that isn’t willing to have [at least] professional photography of your home, and even better, a professionally shot full motion video tour – and the knowledge to get it published all over the internet.

The agents we work with hire Amazing Video Tours, to come and take professional photos and do a full motion video of your home.  Amazing Video Tours provides professional photography and  full motion video movie, set to music, and (optionally) a professional voiceover to take perspective internet clients on a video walk through of your home.

According to research done of 1000 randomly sampled Charlotte listings, less then 1% of agents are currently marketing their listings in this manner.  And our team of Realtors are proud to be part of the 1%.

But that’s not even the best part! Your home will be marketed in places that other agents haven’t even thought of yet. For example, the full motion movie video virtual tour of your home will be hosted in some (if not all) of the following websites:


Please check out Amazing Video Tours website “Samples” page to see samples of their work.

We are proud to use Amazing Video Tours for our Full Motion Video Virtual Tours

 You Want MORE Reasons?

Ok, let’s stay with advertising then.  Because our partners are REALTOR®  members in both North and South Carolina, your listing will appear in the North and South Carolina MLS’s.  This means that every REALTOR® working as a buyer’s agent will have access to your listing via the member MLS sites.  Some agents skimp by only listing your home in one or the other state’s MLS.  Truth is, when you sell real estate near a state line, you need to market that property in both MLS systems.   Furthermore, listings from these MLS’s can be viewed by the General Public at:




Our partner agents are committed to contacting you as often as you feel necessary to update you on showing status, feedback, and level of interest on your home.  As a matter of fact, our Realtor partners use Centralized Showing Service (CSS) to set up, coordinate, and provide feedback for your showings.

Sellers can even log in and view actual feedback from buyers who have seen their home.  When it comes to meaningful constructive criticism, people are not afraid to “type” what is really on their mind if a house didn’t show up to its true potential.  This constructive criticism will help you make the immediate changes necessary to SELL YOUR HOME FASTER!

Bottom Line

Selling your home does not have to be difficult.  If you want to get more money in less time, you need a REALTOR® who is willing to make the time and monetary commitments necessary to get your home the most EXPOSURE, and therefore, sell faster.

Let us have the opportunity to connect you with a top agent who will put together a detailed Competitive Market Analysis for your home.  The agent can set up a no obligation meeting to go through the data, and  can even provide you with tips on getting your house ready for sale.  Many people don’t realize the things they could be doing weeks before the ‘for sale’ sign goes up which could improve the value of their home.