For Realtors®

If you are a Realtor® outside of the Charlotte, NC metro area and you would like to provide Last 10 Sold™ data for your area, we would love to hear from you.   We only have a few requirements:


1.  You have to be a licensed Realtor in your area with up to the minute MLS access

2.  You’ll start us off with Last 10 Sold data for at least 5 popular communities you serve

3.  You’ll make a commitment to regular Last 10 S0ld updates (at least 1 per week).

In Return, you will receive:

1.  The right to be the exclusive Last 10 Sold™  Realtor for your area

2.  The ability to post your Last 10 Sold entries on this blog with a long tail link back to your primary website (those of you that know, this is great SEO [search engine optimization]).

3.  The ability to promote yourself in the signature of each blog article you write with your branding info and contact information. 

4.  Access to (what we hope) will be a great Realtor network for referrals.  

So, 2012 has just begun.  We’re just getting started and we are looking for a few good Realtors.  Only 1 Realtor per area – YOU could be the first!

If you’re interested – let us know,  contact us at