Cumulative Charlotte NC Area Sales Information so far

Here at Last 10 Sold, we are very geeky and love statistics.  Statistically speaking, you can take 99.9% of all data –  turn it in to whatever you want, and fool 90% of the people 95% of the time (especially when accompanied by colorful charts).  But that’s NOT why we are hereRead on..

We realize data is subjective, it’s almost always inconclusive, and it can be biased.  So far, we randomly took 9 geographically diverse neighborhoods (and areas) across the Charlotte NC metropolitan area and pulled the Last 10 Homes sold in each area.  This part is FACT.  There is no subjectivity here.  Last 10 sold is just that, the last 10 homes sold in a given neighborhood (or area) in reverse chronological order by date.  Data is pulled from the Charlotte Multiple Listing System and does not include any properties that were sold outside of the CMLS. 

Cumulative Charlotte NC area sales information so far has been pulled from Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC; Brandon Oaks in Indian Trial, NC; Waterfront properties on Lake Norman and Lake Wylie;  Ballantyne Country Club in South Charlotte;  Myers Park, Highland Creek, Eastover, and Yorkshire in different parts of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The neighborhoods are diverse from cute little starter homes to big mansions on the waterfront and golf courses.  So what’s our point?  There is no point, we just like to hear ourselves talk.   No, wait – actually there is a point.  Our data, expressed by neighborhood offers value to anyone interested in purchasing a home, or current owners wanting to know what the homes in their area are selling for.  That’s what the individual blog articles are about (and they all stipulate that the ONLY way to get a true value of ones home is to have a professional Realtor do a competitive market analysis).

 The following, on the other hand, is subjective data.  Once all the data on individual neighborhoods (and areas) was obtained, we are able to make generalizations based on the data.  So here it is.  If you take the 9 neighborhoods we’ve looked at so far as a general cross section of Charlotte, you might be able to get an overall picture of the entire Charlotte market.  So take it for what it’s worth.  Like any other scientific experiment, we’ll know more after we cull more data over a longer period of time.  In the mean time, here’s the cumulative summary of our findings so far. 

Of the 9 diverse neighborhoods we have looked at so far:

The average selling price is $468,716.
The minimum selling price is $87,699
The maximum selling price is $1,435,000
The average Days on Market was 121 days
The minimum Days on Market was 1 day
The maximum Days on Market was 737 days

So there it is.  Data to date so far.  Subscribe to our site by clicking “subscribe” in the right hand column at the top (where it says, Get Updates) and stay tuned.  More great Charlotte area real estate info to come ! 

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Oh – ABOUT THAT CHART ABOVE – Although it was taken from the Excel Spread Sheet of all our data, don’t look at it too long, we don’t think it really means anything, it’s just there for eye candy.  Yeah – that’s how we roll.  No actually, we’re just poking fun at other’s who try to impress you with pretty charts that don’t mean anything.  Impressive, huh?